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Ready to blast off into invisible realms of information and healing?

Master Healer and Teacher Deborah King will reveal the hidden secrets of your sacred energy centers—the chakras—and give you the mystical formula for living the life you deserve.  


Meditation - The Space In Between Our Thoughts

We’re all familiar with the sound of our own thoughts. In fact we hear them chattering away all day long. But what about the space in between our thoughts? What can we learn from those little moments of silence? This quiet space inside our own minds is more than just a pause between sentences. When we are able to achieve a state of inner calm, free from our day’s worries and released from the demands of our own egos, we find a doorway to…

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→ New ways of thinking

→ New ways to live

→ New ideas to encounter

→ New wisdom to acquire

→ New dreams to dream

So, how do you get into this space? How do you access the place which contains both your source and all of your innate potential, in order to draw out your best? The answer is through a daily practice of meditation.



How Easy Is It To Learn How to Meditate?

A lot of people think about trying meditation but don’t know where to begin. That’s why Deborah King has created the groundbreaking Learn To Meditate download. In simple, easy to follow terms, Deborah will share the secrets to starting an incredible personal meditation practice.


With this direct and illuminating download, you’ll easily learn everything you need to know to start meditating. There’s nothing to be intimidated by - Deborah will explain all of the practical details in accessible, warm, and funny words that you’ll understand and take to heart immediately. Some of the topics include:


  • How consciousness works. 

  • How to meditate in the hectic real world, free from modern distractions.

  • Common questions for beginners.

  • How and why to use a mantra. This is a sacred sound used as a tool to help you achieve a meditative state. Deborah will personally assign you a unique mantra of your very own to use, based upon what you need to successfully meditate.



Give Yourself The Gift of Meditation


Yes, meditation is first and foremost a gift you give to yourself. You can expect to feel more calm, sleep better, and get more out of every day. You’ll be able to tune into the universal wisdom that is all around us, and use that knowledge to improve your total well-being. Then, you can give that gift to the world around you.


By grounding, centering, and expanding, you literally raise the vibration of the universe! Ultimately, this is our greatest purpose, and our greatest joy. Get started today with the easy – and fun! – Learn to Meditate download!




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