Center Yourself Before the Holidays: How to prepare yourself for a mindful and light-filled holiday season

Miraval Resort - Tuscon, Arizona

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Center Yourself Before the Holidays: How to prepare yourself for a mindful and light-filled holiday season


November 21-24, 2013


As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, Deborah King wants you to be able to get through the holiday season with the least amount of stress. The time from Thanksgiving through Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve is fraught with guilt, blame, overeating, over-drinking, and often loneliness.Deborah will share with you the secrets of minimizing stressful impacts on your health and well-being and maximizing your spiritual upliftment during the holy-days, focusing on the stresses that you can control and banishing the blues.


This calming and balancing workshop is held at Miraval Resort in the spiritual domain of the Santa Catalina Mountains of Northern Tucson, Arizona, November 21 – 24, 2013—the perfect place to de-stress and get yourself in shape to handle the holiday in your life.


Here’s a sampling of what you will learn and experience during this workshop:

  • The best solutions for the holiday blues
  • How to give up perfectionism and enjoy the holiday
  • How giving can be healthy
  • The Ayurvedic approach to imbalances: mental stress from too many expenses and social pressure, and emotional imbalance for those who have lost a loved one during the year, painful memories, and family conflict.
  • How to deal with the pressure of not enough time
  • The importance of meditation, prayer, and gratefulness during this period
  • Peace and goodwill, even without a Norman Rockwell picture-perfect family
  • How to say no, and mean it
  • Noting the physical and mental signs that you’re suffering from stress
  • Acknowledging your feelings about the season and setting realistic expectations
  • Learning to delegate
  • What to do about family chaos and conflict
  • High-tech helpers
  • 25 survival strategies


Arrive on property Thursday afternoon, November 21st; depart Sunday, November 24th, after lunch. The new relaxed and peaceful you will be home in time for Hanukkah (starting November 27th), Thanksgiving (November 28th), and give you a giant boost for the rest of the year!


Workshop includes:

   All Sessions with Deborah and her special experts

   Overnight Accommodations

   Shared round trip airport transfers to/from Tucson International Airport

   Welcome Miraval tote bag and reusable water canteen

   Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner with 5-star food daily

   All snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, and hors d’oeuvres daily

   Unlimited regularly-scheduled activities, lectures and programs

   $150 Resort Spa Credit per person per night

(This workshop can be used to satisfy 4th, 5th or 6th Levels requirements of the Deborah King Center LifeForce Programs)

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Schedule Details - Tuesday - Sunday, November 19 - 24, 2013

  • Thursday: 7-9pm
  • Friday: 1-6pm
  • Saturday: 1-6pm
  • Sunday: 9-11am

About Miraval

Miraval is a top-rated all-inclusive destination retreat - a resort, an award-winning spa, and a great getaway. Situated in the warm shade of Santa Catalina Mountains in northern Tuscon, Arizona on 400 acres of idyllic land, Miraval is a place dedicated to opening eyes, minds, and hearts. For 16 years, Miraval has built its programming around the concept of Life in Balance™.

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