Unlock Your Potential through Energy Healing


Energy is all around us in different wavelengths and frequencies—from cosmic radiation and X-rays to radio waves and infra-red waves to the subtle energies the Chinese call “chi” and the East Indians call “prana.” The energy is invisible, but we can often sense its presence.

Here we define energy healing by sharing its history, showing an example of energy healing at work, and describing Deborah’s preparation for a career in this field. Learn more about the definitions of expanded states of awareness and the “Unified Field”—and how they work hand-in-hand.

Energy is "Medicine"

Energy healing combines the same energy that is the source of all life and the source of medicine, which treats debilitating diseases. In energy healing, energy is “medicine.” It’s as old as human history and as new as the most innovative medical technologies in modern hospitals. It’s also very natural and safe—and one of the most exciting fields of study.

Considered a “new” field in modern medicine, energy healing is separated into two categories by NCCAM (U.S. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine):
  1. Energies that can be measured scientifically by our present standards, like electromagnetic therapy or therapy using sound waves, and
  2. Energies that are not yet subject to our measurement—the subtle fields that are utilized in energy healing, acupuncture, Chi Gong, Ayurveda, homeopathy, Therapeutic Touch, prayer or distance healing, and similar modalities.

History of Energy Healing

Energy healing  has been around for thousands of years. The ancients knew that, in addition to bodily threats, we are also exposed to invisible hazards, whether from our own thoughts or from other people or from dark forces from beyond. These invisible threats affect our psychological and physical functioning. This is one of the reasons that energy healing is so valuable: it goes beyond the body to factor in the psychological and spiritual dimensions.


Every ancient society and spiritual group had a system that identified energy centers in the human body, what the East Indians call chakras, which means “wheels of light.” The Chakra Chart available for free download here displays the various chakras or energy centers and how they connect to the physical body and related illness. The Egyptians, the East Indians, the Chinese, the Greeks, and indigenous societies like the Native Americans (North and South) share similarities in their understanding of the energy centers of the body. The ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations had well-developed systems of spiritual energy healing, with many crossovers and similarities with the ancient East Indian and Chinese.

It was the Greeks who began the formal study of  energy healing with the Hippocratic school of thought. The Greeks are the ones who conceived of a split between the mind and the body and viewed the body as evil. They believed that disease was caused by sin, which became a pervasive theme in Judaic teachings. The connection between sickness and sin is rampant throughout Greek and Judaic writings. This led to a lack of appreciation for spiritual energy healing and even practices that led to good health.

This changed when Jesus came on the scene. In his brief ministry, over 40 distinct instances of physical energy healing were recorded, many involving healing big crowds of people. The cornerstone of his teaching was the power of love, not the prevalence of sin. He told his followers also to go out and heal, and for some 300 years after his death, his followers successfully performed signs and wonders in his name.

We believe that it’s quite possible that Jesus was exposed to ancient teachings from outside his own culture. There are many stories of Jesus spending time in India with great Masters. Another possibility is that Jesus was able to access the power he used to heal through expanding his awareness and connecting to the Unified Field.

Energy Healing at Work

Before we get into more detailed explanations, let me first take you through a typical energy healing session with someone who came to me for guidance. A woman whom I’ll call Carol who joined me at the front of a room during an energy healing workshop and told me she was troubled by recent high blood pressure. She shared that she was still reeling from a recent divorce. First, I sensed into Carol’s body and her energy field. Using advanced sensing skills, I discerned a lot of anger, self-blame, and remorse, plus the following:
  • In her personal energy field, her first chakra or energy center was circling the wrong way, depleting her natural energy healing abilities.
  • Her third chakra was in a state of inward collapse—the divorce had negatively affected her already weak sense of self-esteem.
  • Her fourth chakra, the heart chakra, had completely shut down from her divorce—mirroring her partner leaving to that of the abandonment she experienced as a child when her mother died.
This intake of information took me less than a minute or two. Next, I focused directly on Carol’s physical body, again using advanced sensing skills in the art of universal energy healing to obtain more information:
  • I found early stages of plaque in her arteries as a result of her closing her heart chakra. While too early to be seen by conventional medical scans of the body, I could sense it in her energy field.
  • In a few short years, unless Carol felt safe enough to open her heart, she might very well have problems with hardening of the arteries.

Problems First Show in Our Energy Field

Because problems first show up in our energy fields then later manifest in our bodies, I began to work with Carol in the art of energy healing—balancing and charging her energy healing field. Connecting deeply to the universal energy healing field, I attracted its energy and transmitted it on to Carol through my own energy healing field and body first. Universal energy healing is of a higher vibration and its laser-like intensity cleared her arteries of plaque offering an example of the work accomplished at our energy healing workshops.


Finally, I talked to Carol briefly about the way she had been blaming herself for the divorce and how this self-blame and remorse were damaging her cardiovascular health and her happiness. She learned how to let it go and later I heard that her blood pressure had improved substantially and her physicians were very pleased with her progress—all through the practice of energy healing. She also took my suggestion and bought a puppy, so she didn’t feel so alone.

Why I Pursued Energy Healing

If you’ve read my book, Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You, (Hay House 2009) you already know I had a pretty abusive childhood, with lots of both sexual and emotional abuse, which made me hyper-vigilant. Like all prey, I instinctively developed extrasensory abilities—the ability to see, hear, feel, and know beyond what our ordinary senses tell us—which is typical for abused kids. We’re always waiting for the abusive caregiver to head our direction, so we get very sensitive to even tiny changes in our environment. The abused child becomes able to see, hear, and feel beyond what we think is “normal.” As an adult, I found that I could pick up information about other people beyond the norm.

energy-medicine-4.jpgAs a child, I was also very connected to source. I was raised Catholic, so it was really easy for me to connect to Jesus, Mary, and all the saints. What I didn’t realize at the time was that those experiences taught me how to enter into an expanded state of awareness—the required state to attract, conduct, and transmit universal energy healing to others.

I also spent hours every day outside in nature, which further perfected my ability to go into an expanded state of awareness easily.

When I hit puberty, I rebelled against everything I knew, split from my spiritual connection, and turned to cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs so I wouldn’t feel anything. I never ate, became depressed and anxious and bi-polar. When I hit the ripe old age of 25, I found out I had cancer. I didn’t want to have any of my reproductive organs removed, so I looked around for options such as energy healing.

My energy healing journey started when I joined a 12-step program, got a handle on my addictions to drugs and alcohol, started eating right, and began meditating. All the extra-sensory abilities and spirit connection I had had as a child began to return. To address my cancer, I started an energy healing routine that included acupuncture,  took up daily journaling to get in touch with my emotions, and had massage to get in touch with my body. Later on, I had sessions with an energy healer and, the next thing I knew, I had a full-blown remission from cancer.

To better understand how my remission had occurred,  I began to study the field of universal energy healing. I studied with esoteric groups, and with shamans and masters from around the world. Some of my experiences were grueling, but all of them were helpful in getting a handle on my ego, which is the biggest obstacle for anyone who desires to work in the field of alternative energy healing.

I continued my “day” job as an attorney, which was a blessing in disguise: the left-brain, linear, analytical thinking that I learned in law school and used in the business world became surprisingly handy. When real transformations started to happen, I left the corporate world and dove fully into the world of energy healing, sharing my knowledge through workshops and spiritual energy healing teaching engagements around the world.

The Unified Field Theory


Modern quantum physics supports our belief in energy healing, with its view of a universe where everything is connected and everything affects everything else. Quantum physics shows us that everything is made of energy that is in a state of potential. Albert Einstein is famous for spending over 20 years unsuccessfully searching for a unified field theory. Essentially, we create our own universe and, by extension, our own health or disease. We are not powerless victims, but instead are fully empowered to create the lives we want to live. We can do this by learning how to expand our awareness to access the invisible energy and perform energy healing.

Modern experiments will probably show that universal energy healing is composed of an energy substance that is finer than what science knows today. The ancients knew that this field of energy healing permeates all space and objects, connects all objects to each other, and flows from object to object.

Further explore the extraordinary field of energy healing.

Another Way to Understand...

energy-medicine-8.jpgThink of yourself as the wax part of the candle and the flame as your consciousness and the light from the candle as the energy field. When you enter into an expanded state of consciousness, you will perceive the light coming from the candle as you, since it is you. It’s impossible to tell where the flame ends and the light begins; the flame is completely engulfed by the light. If there is light in your room, that light will interpenetrate the flame. The candle’s light has no boundary; it will reach out to infinity.

The more expanded your consciousness, the more your extrasensory perceptions will increase, the more you will be able to access and see beyond this plane, and the more valid information you will get. Ultimately, with training, you’ll be able to attract the power of that infinite field of energy and conduct and transmit it to others, affecting beneficial change.

If you are interested in further exploring the extraordinary field of energy medicine, and want to learn how to harness and enhance your natural abilities in this area, the Deborah King Center LifeForce Energy Medicine Program has more information or call us at 800-790-5785.