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Real-Life Spells—Have You Been Cursed?

October 27th, 2014



Halloween is one of the few times of the year when it becomes acceptable to embrace and celebrate the dark side, but what happens when the darkness crosses the boundary of fun and games and begins to actually harm you?


You may not have to worry about the trick-or-treating witch on your doorstep casting a spell on you, but “spell casting” is in fact real, and Halloween is a good time to learn how to recognize the signs of someone sending you negative energy and what you can do to protect yourself.


What is real-life spell-casting?


Spell casting, which is referred to in energy medicine as psychic attack, is negative energy that comes in from someone or somewhere else and gets lodged in your energy field or body. That negative energy can come from a variety of sources and arrives in varying degrees of intensity. In the movies, curses and spells are intentional affairs—they take planning and ritual and magic, but in real life, “spells” are usually unconscious and more subtle. Any time another person forms an intention, perhaps consciously, perhaps not, to harm you in some way, the “spell” is cast. A person may be sending you negative energy and not even realize they are doing it, like someone in a bad mood who is rude to you in line at Starbucks or on the freeway.


Who casts these spells?


Someone you briefly interact with who transfers their negativity to you is a small “spell,” a mild and temporary attachment of negativity that will likely dissipate in a few hours or with a clearing salt bath or dip in the ocean (which, by the way, are helpful clearing techniques for many psychic attacks). It’s also an example of a non-specific attack—that person would spew their negative energy at anyone in range.


Energy attacks can also be directed at you purposefully, often over the course of many years, and you can guess that these would be stronger and harder to shrug off. The stereotypical “evil” mother-in-law who nitpicks and makes snide comments at her son’s wife, or the overbearing older sister who say things like, “When are you going to get a real job?” while flaunting her expensive jewelry are examples of individuals shooting negative energy into your field. These types of continual attack, especially when coming from a loved one, can really wear you down and start to close your chakras and crimp your energy flow, making you feel even worse.


Basically, a physic attack can come from anyone at any time. These attacks can be minor like a harsh email or phone call, or a friend who wants to gossip about your friends, or major, like in the cases of stalking, bullying, or abuse. Since the “spells” can be subtle and come from seemingly insignificant exchanges, how do you know if you’ve been “cursed” with someone else’s negative energy?




How do you know if you’ve been cursed?


The symptoms are unique in each situation, but there are some signs to watch for. Sudden and unexplainable physical pain, especially in the back or head, that won’t go away; depression or other intense emotions like irritation or paranoia that don’t seem to have a cause; a fuzziness in the head or confusion or lack or focus; or just a general feeling of being totally “off.” These can all be symptoms of negative energy clouding your field. If you’ve truly been “slimed” with negativity, you will feel it, trust me. And trust your intuition. If it’s telling you that the migraine you’ve had for three days is the result of your partner’s belittling, it probably is.


Chronic symptoms or health issues may be caused by psychic attacks from earlier in your life as well. Perhaps you’ve had consistent back pain for years or depression that always returns no matter what you try. In that case, you might ask yourself if negative energy you absorbed from someone else during a trauma or betrayal could be lingering. Working with an energy healer or spiritual teacher and attending healing courses can help you identify where you may have been “cursed” with someone else’s negativity so you can release it and finally heal.


What can you do to avoid getting attacked?


The best medicine is prevention. Just like energy medicine can heal your field before any physical symptoms manifest, the best thing you can do to avoid being “cursed” by someone else is to keep your energy field healthy. Negative energy from others can find the chinks in your armor, the holes in your energy field, and sneak in under the radar. If you are diligent in your energy healing practices and keep up a daily meditation routine, journal regularly, connect with nature, and chop wood and carry water in service of others, your chakras will be clear and your defenses will be tougher. Your force field of protection will be so strong, negative energy won’t be able to pierce your light-filled field.


It’s also smart to avoid people who emanate negativity when possible, and in order to do that, you need to learn how to discern what type of energy someone is putting out. This is one of the things you learn in my energy healing courses: how to recognize and handle dark forces and incoming psychic attacks.


So this week, as you enjoy the décor of the season, the fake spider webs covering shrubs in yards, windows full of hanging ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns sitting on stoops, try to be aware of the energy around you, as well as the energy you are putting out. Remember that light attracts light and dark attracts dark. To keep the curses at bay, be full of positivity.







Domestic Violence Affects Us All

October 23rd, 2014

Woman in fear of domestic abuse


Whether it comes in the form of spouse battering, beating or molesting a child, intimate partner rape, or emotional control over another, domestic violence ruins lives. I know, as I experienced both emotional and sexual abuse as a child. I know how it leads to various addictions to cover up the pain. I know how hard it is to face the shame and embarrassment, to want to keep this secret covered up.


Domestic violence does not respect any boundaries. You can be white, privileged, and rich enough to buy really good concealer, but that black eye is the same one sported by those of every race, religion, and socio-economic status. It doesn’t matter how famous you are, how gifted as an artist or athlete or star, you can still be either the victim or the perpetrator of domestic violence.


And nothing is worse than keeping it a secret. As anyone who has read my book Truth Heals knows, it’s that buried pain that can wreak havoc with our lives—certainly with our relationships, our health, and our happiness.


Go to Psychology Today to read my blog on this topic at





Piercing the Veil: How to Connect to the Spirit Realm

October 20th, 2014



Have you made successful contact with spirits from beyond? Now is the time to try! You do not need to be a medium in order to connect with spirits beyond the physical plane, but there are certain times of the year when it becomes easier. As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I can feel the spiritually significant shift in seasons occurring this month, which means it’s the ideal time for you to bridge the gap between the physical realm and the spirit realm for guidance, support, love, and reassurance about the immortal nature of your soul.

Blurred Lines Between Worlds

Autumn is a time of transition, a time when the leaves change color from red to orange to yellow, when the clear skies of summer become filled with rolling clouds, and the days begin to get darker earlier. The winds of change are in the air, and these visible forms of transformation on display from Mother Nature are a good reminder that there are other blurred lines occurring right now as well: between the living and the dead, between your body and your soul, between HHHeaven and Earth.

Spirit Invitations

The end of October has been a spiritually significant time for centuries. Ancient people held rituals and harvest festivals at this time to mark the end of summer and begin the preparations for the colder months to come. What we now call Halloween has its roots in Celtic harvest festivals, particularly the Gaelic festival called Samhain, which means “summer’s end.” These cultures recognized that this date was the midpoint between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice, which makes it a period of indistinct boundaries between physical and spiritual, and a powerful time for communion with spirits. As part of their celebrations, the Celts would honor the dead and invite them into their homes, make offerings of freshly tilled food, and communicate with loved ones who had passed to the other side.




Transition Traditions

More recent and contemporary traditions still celebrate the thinning of the veil between worlds in similar fashion. The Mexican holiday Day of the Dead includes gatherings of friends and family to remember and celebrate loved ones who have passed on. People build altars and bring these along with the deceased’s favorite foods and drinks to the grave sites. Similar rituals take place around this time in many other countries as well. It seems the whole world is aware that the transition between seasons is also a time to pay tribute to the transition between life and death and connect with the spirit realm.

So how can you take advantage of this in-between time to increase your connection with the other side?

  1. Honor the deceased.

Just as Day of the Dead or Samhain traditions included inviting the spirits of loved ones to visit by putting out favorite foods and drinks, you can set a place at the table for a loved one during this month as an invitation. You might bring valued possessions of the deceased to their gravesite, or set up an altar or light a candle in their name, or have a party to tell stories about their life and celebrate the time they spent on Earth. Honoring the dead can happen many ways—choose the method that feels right to you.

Once you have made room for a spirit in your environment, be aware for signs of their presence. A photograph of them may levitate or fall off a wall, or an object the loved one gave you that you lost might suddenly reappear. You may hear their voice or even see an apparition. During this month of easy cross-overs between worlds, you can expect a noticeable response from the spirit realm, so stay alert.




  1. Pay attention to your dreams.

Spirits without bodies often prefer to make contact with you through your dreams. Sometimes a spirit will visit you to give you a warning of an impending event, or advise you about your health, or provide other helpful information or guidance. When you attend healing courses and have an active practice of energy healing and meditation, you become more open to the other side than many people are, so a spirit may visit you and ask you to pass on a message to someone else who is less receptive.

You can usually recognize a true visitation dream by a few tell-tale signs. The dream might feel much more “real” and vivid than other dreams; the spirit may reach out or hug you, and you still feel the contact when you wake; a deceased friend or family member will appear as a much younger version of themself; you may experience extremely intense emotions of forgiveness, anger, relief, and love; and lastly, there is likely to be a gut sense that it was that person “for real” and not just a memory or projection. As you’ve learned through energy healing, go ahead trust your third chakra, trust your intuition—it’s most likely telling you the truth.

  1. Remember you are not solely a physical being.

When you make a true connection with a spirit from the other side, it will reinforce what you learn in energy medicine: you are not just your body. You are a soul housed in a body for this lifetime on Earth, but when your body dies, your soul does not; it simply transitions back into the spirit realm, back where it came from.




Once you have interacted with souls who no longer have bodies, you will have no doubts that spirits live on, or that you will continue to live after you leave your body. When the veil is permeable, it’s easier to recognize that the illusion is the physical world; the reality is that you were born in the spirit realm and you will return there. This life is a stepping stone in a long soul journey. This expanded perception of mortality gives you the strength to confront the fear of death, which just may be the greatest gift of piercing the veil and connecting with spirits in the beyond.

The upcoming winter solstice is the next time of year when the veil between worlds will be at its most permeable, so if you are interested in learning more about how to connect to the other side, I hope you’ll consider joining me in person or by live stream in December for my Piercing the Veil event, where my special guest, James Van Praagh, internationally renowned medium and spiritual teacher, and I will bridge the gap between this world and the next. Hope to see you there!


Elder Abuse: Could it be Happening in Your Family?

October 15th, 2014


A lot of our biggest life lessons tend to revolve around family, and especially our parents who shape and form us in so many important ways.


When you’re young and rebellious, it never occurs to you that you might find yourself on the other side of the argument someday, as a parent dealing with your own difficult child. And you certainly don’t consider that your own parents will eventually become elderly, forcing you to take on more of a parental caregiver role to them.


Even if we don’t for see these changes coming, though, they still happen. We all age. And as we do, the lessons related to our family keep on coming.


One of those lessons really came home to me recently when family members decided to take matters into their own hands about my elderly mother driving.




Situations like these call for skillful communication. More than that, though, they require a sense of respect and dignity. To take that from the people we love, and have given us so much, is a terrible thing to do. It’s also an incredibly easy trap to fall into when you’re just trying to look out for an elderly parent’s best interests.


To read the rest of my elder story on Huffington Post, follow this link… I’d love to see your comments, hear your stories, and get your feedback there!



3 Ways to Take Advantage of the Lunar Eclipse!

October 6th, 2014



An exciting celestial event is happening this Wednesday—a total lunar eclipse, also sometimes called a “blood moon.” An eclipse occurs when the earth comes between the sun and the moon, blocking the sun’s light from reaching the moon and covering the moon in Earth’s shadow. Partial lunar eclipses are relatively common, but a total lunar eclipse can only occur when the moon is full and is perfectly aligned with the sun and Earth, which doesn’t happen very often. You can imagine the energy radiating from such a cosmic arrangement!

One of the basic tenets of energy healing is that you are connected to the universal field, which is connected to everything in the entire universe, including the sun, the moon, and beyond. So when a planetary line-up like a total lunar eclipse occurs, you should sit up and take notice, because that energy affects you directly.

The Moon of Change

Ancient people were terrified of total lunar eclipses because, while the moon is technically in darkness, it rarely goes black. Instead, it usually turns a blood red color or a deep orange or even copper-colored, which is sunlight skimming off the earth’s atmosphere, the light of all the sunrises and sunsets ringing the earth. Before we had sufficient technology, people thought the red “blood” moon was a sign from the gods or an omen of war or disease. These kinds of fears were likely intensified by the power of the eclipse, since emotions are closely connected to the moon.

The Moon Influences More than Tides

Emotions tend to run high during all full moons, but this eclipse will likely cause feelings that have been simmering to boil over, and emotional eruptions wouldn’t be surprising from even the most mild-mannered folks. Lunar eclipses are also associated with change and decisions. They often signal an ending or a new beginning, especially within relationships of all types.




But don’t worry! These shifts and new starts, the emotional turmoil, it all leads to a place of discovery, truth, and awareness. The trick is to learn how to take advantage of the lunar eclipse’s transformational energy, and use it to heal yourself and your relationships. Of course, any energy medicine techniques you perform during this time will be amplified by the moon’s energy, as will your meditation, so be sure to do plenty of both for the best results. Here are three more ways to benefit from the lunar eclipse:

  1. Embrace change.

Change is always a little scary, but it’s also the only way you can grow. Lunar eclipses are periods of “course corrections,” times in your life where you can change the direction you are traveling in order to live a more truthful, authentic life. Keeping up your daily meditation and attending energy healing courses can help you handle any adjustments, and once the new, better routines are in place you will be glad you embraced the shift. Just remember that the changes that arise from this celestial energy are necessary, and though they may be difficult, they are going to make you stronger and happier in the long term.

  1. Let go of the old and bring in the new.

Now is the time to let go of anything that’s no longer working: habits or patterns of behavior, jobs, people, foods, anything that is no longer serving the authentic you. Sometimes habits begin as helpful crutches meant to carry you through a rough patch, but when they become problematic, you have to muster the strength to quit. Lunar eclipses especially force you to look at your relationships. Do any seem to hold you back or bring you down? Be prepared for a shift in the way you relate to someone or several someones, or the world, or even yourself during this time. This lunar eclipse will give you the extra courage you need to move on from anything that’s old and unneeded.

This moon’s energy also encourages following your dreams. When you let go of the old, it’s time to make room for the new. Be true to yourself, believe in yourself, and take an emotional risk. Take the dance or art class you’ve been considering. Contemplate moving or changing careers or becoming an energy healer! Really dig deep during this eclipse and see what you can give up and what you will gain as a result.




  1. Reveal your truth.

This eclipse has a risk-taking aspect to it, an increase in courage, especially related to other people in your life. Is there someone close to you who you are hiding something from, or someone you feel like you can’t reveal a part of yourself to? Now is the time to act! Use the boost in bravery to stand up for yourself or your principles and admit your truth to the person who needs to hear it most. Use this lunar energy to say something you’ve been trying to but couldn’t find the strength.

Whatever you hold back can get caught in your energy field and chakras, slowing down the flow of energy to you and weakening your body and spirit. As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I always encourage my students to journal or otherwise express their deepest emotions and personal truths because it helps keep the chakras clear and healthy. But this week, I want you to try to take a step further and express your truths to someone else. Use the lunar eclipse to spear-head change. I bet you will feel a great weight lifted from your heart chakra.

All change can be difficult at first, but it is also a great opportunity for growth. Exercise isn’t always fun, but you feel so good afterwards, and you feel proud of yourself for powering through, for accomplishing a goal through the sweat and resistance, so it’s worth it. That’s what it feels like to make necessary adjustments in your behaviors and relationships, to shake things up, to correct the course of your life. This lunar eclipse is the perfect time to “just do it!”



The Sixth Chakra: Gateway to the Angels

September 29th, 2014



The sixth chakra is associated with inspiration, intuition, memory, imagination, dreams, higher consciousness, and transcendence. But did you know that the sixth chakra is also a gateway to communing with the angels?


Higher Seeing


The sixth chakra, which is known as the “brow” chakra or “third eye” because it sits on your forehead in between your eyebrows, is the foundation of seeing and higher seeing. This energy center governs images and visuals, and the interpretation and storage of those visuals. This includes images you receive from your eyes—images that are from here on the physical plane and then become memories—as well as images that you have never actually seen with your physical eyes, like imagined scenarios or dreams, or even visions of higher planes or spirits. When your sixth chakra is open and expanded, you are more easily able to see and interact with those higher beings, including your angels.


Intuition, Angels, and Your Third Eye


Intuition is strongly linked to the third eye, which makes perfect sense because intuition is a type of non-visual seeing, a method of discerning truth without physical evidence. In energy healing, I often use my intuition to guide me, and when I am centered and in alignment with a fully functioning sixth chakra, my intuition never lets me down. Sometimes your intuition may even be coming from your angels! After all, they reside on the sixth level of the field and can easily communicate with you through your intuition. Angels will always guide you to make the choices most in line with your soul’s true purpose, and can whisper advice or support in your ear when you ask for help. With an open sixth chakra and an unobstructed energy field, you are more likely to receive angel messages and feel their divine love.




The Costs of a Closed Sixth Chakra


Since the sixth chakra is all about seeing and understanding, when you choose not to see the truth of a situation, it can create blockages in your chakra, which is detrimental to your health. Conditions related to the eyes and nose like glaucoma, cataracts, or sinus infections can develop, as can headaches or migraines, and neurological problems or brain disorders can be related to a severely dysfunctional sixth chakra as well. A closed sixth chakra may also lead to an inability to trust your own intuition and inner guidance, you may not remember your dreams, and it will be harder to interact with beings of light like your angels.


Healing Your Third Eye


In order to clear blocks in your sixth chakra, and all your chakras, the best thing to do is to attend energy medicine workshops or healing courses. In between courses, keep up your progress by meditating for twenty minutes twice a day, staying grounded and in tune with Mother Nature by getting outside, and speaking or writing your truth. Expressing your true emotions is particularly important for the health of your sixth chakra. Admitting your deepest truths will go a long way in clearing any blocks in your third eye, which is all about seeing the truth. And don’t forget to ask your angels for help! All angels have the power to heal as well as guide and protect, so go ahead and request that they extend their healing touch to your third eye chakra. They are happy to heal your intuition! It’s kind of their specialty. Asking your angels for help in restoring your sixth chakra will also make it easier to ask your angels for help with anything else, so it’s a win-win!


Wisdom Beyond Your Five Senses


On the opposite spectrum from a closed or blocked sixth chakra, an open and expanded sixth chakra offers heightened awareness for greater seeing, possibly even clairvoyance, greater hearing, greater understanding of the world, and a deeper connection to your spirit guides, angels, and Source. When your third eye starts to open and grow, it’s almost like magic. You will begin to see and sense the synchronicity of the universe. Things that would have previously seemed like coincidences suddenly make sense and you realize that nothing is really random—it is all part of the grand design. An expanded sixth chakra allows you to transcend the restrictions of time and space and your personal identity, and gain access to the universal field where all knowledge is stored, and where divine love flows freely. When you awaken the power of your sixth chakra, you receive inspiration, perception, and wisdom beyond your five senses.




Moving up in Consciousness


Essentially, when you fully open your sixth chakra, you attain ascension: a moving up and out of your body into higher realms, an increase in vibration, an expanded consciousness, a realignment with your higher self, and a direct connection to Source and your angels. Normally this type of jump in spiritual level requires a facilitator of some kind, an energy healer or spiritual teacher, to guide the higher vibrational energy into your body as in the case of an initiation, or to lead you in a guided meditation like the one I’ve done in this free video to expand and open your third eye.


Take care of your sixth chakra with energy medicine and regular doses of energy healing from your angels, and your intuition, inspiration, and ability to see beyond will vastly improve.


To learn more about journeying to higher planes and connecting with angels, please check out my three-part live online healing and ascension course, Angels of Energy Healing, where you will learn how to access the healing energy of angels, ascend to higher realms, and experience the life-changing power of divine love. Come join me today!


Are You Receiving Messages from Angels? Find Out!

September 22nd, 2014


Have you ever received a sign from the universe? Perhaps you were contemplating a big decision right before bed and then you woke up confident of the right choice, or you were mulling over a problem and the answer seemed to just drop into your head. Maybe you were thinking about contacting an old friend and a song like “Stand By Me” played on the radio, or you were feeling gloomy and the clouds parted to reveal a rainbow and lifted your spirits. These types of drop-in support, guidance, and love are indeed signs from the universe, most likely from your angels! And these angelic messages are more frequent than you might realize, as long as you know where to look.


Angels Standing By


You are surrounded by angels. Right now, and always, you have at least one angel standing by, keeping watch over you, tending to your well-being, and providing healing, hope, and happiness whenever you ask. Keep in mind, you do have to ask. Angels can’t interfere with your life without your permission—they have to abide by the law of free will. The one exception is in life-threatening situations, when they may set off little warning bells in your brain or your gut to alert you to a potentially harmful situation even without you asking. It’s a good thing, too, as in any true emergency, you may not have time to call for help.


Angels were never human, but they can take human form to physically save you from harm, or to deliver a very important message. I have heard stories from many students—and have quite a few of my own that I share in my Angels of Energy Healing Online Course—about people who appeared out of nowhere to answer a question, or to pull them from a burning car or otherwise save them from an immediate threat. Perhaps you have your own mysterious savior story! But angels can also appear to you or answer a question or plea for guidance in ways that are more subtle.




Angel Calling Cards


Angels vibrate at such a high level that it can sometimes be difficult for them to communicate with humans. Or rather, it can be difficult for our limited human brains and bodies to process angel communications. In order to commune with the angels, you either need to raise your own vibration, or be led into the heavenly realms by an experienced spiritual teacher. Because this takes time and practice to master, and is not always practical, angels have figured out other ways to get their messages of support, guidance, and love to you.


Each angel has his own “calling card” so to speak—and as you begin to connect with your angels more and more, you will come to recognize each of your angel’s signs. For example, I always know when Archangel Michael is near by the sound of his wings. Now for you, Archangel Michael may manifest in a scent or repeated number.


While each angel will have its own “vibe,” here are three very common signs of the angels you can watch out for:




  1. Feathers


Ancient artists depicted angels as beings with wings to symbolize their ability to travel back and forth between heaven and earth, and angels themselves have embraced this idea, so feathers have come to be one of their most prevalent signs. You may know that your angel is present when you hear the rustling of feathers as if giant wings are unfurling, or feel the gentle brush of a feather on your cheek or arm.


Feathers themselves can serve as angelic signatures, especially when you see feathers where they wouldn’t normally be. If you see a feather, particularly a pure clean white feather, sitting somewhere that it would make no sense for a feather to be on its own, like your nightstand or office drawer, it is likely a message from your angels.


  1. Music


The songs of the heavenly choirs are almost indescribable—light and beautiful and resonant. So gorgeous and full of love they bring you to tears. When you hear the music of the angels, you will know. And if you do, it means your angels are about to speak to you or save you from danger, so be on alert. Angels may also send you messages or advice through human songs. Have you ever heard the same song five or six or even ten times in the same day in different places? Listen to the lyrics! It is likely your angels giving you a sign.




  1. Physical Sensations


Your body can tell you a lot when you pay attention, including when an angel is present. Because angels exist on a higher plane they can be near you without you seeing them at all—but your energy field and body will pick up on those higher vibrations. The most common physical sensation is a feeling of warmth or a tingling when an angel of energy healing is working on healing your body or chakras. You may also have goose bumps or feel a small amount of pressure in your head or back of the neck. Angel signs in the body are never painful! If you feel pain, something else may be at work.


Increase Your Angel Interactions


There are more angel signs, including light, rainbows, scents, and more. You can increase the frequency of signs from heaven and your ability to connect to your celestial guides and cultivate relationships with your angels by walking the path of light. After all, angels are made of that light. A daily practice of meditation, processing your emotions, and attending energy healing courses and workshops to keep your chakras clear and charged are all important parts of energy medicine, but they also expand your awareness and raise your vibration, making it a bit easier to communicate with the angels.


To find out more about angel signs and how to call on your angels for any type of help at any time, please check out my three-part live online healing and ascension course, Angels of Energy Healing, where you will learn how to access the healing energy of angels, and experience the life-changing power of unconditional love. Come join me today!

Is Unconditional Love Nothing But a Dream?

September 15th, 2014



Human love is rarely unconditional. I experienced this first-hand in my own family. My father loved me deeply but, sadly, was unable to control his tendency to pedophilia. My mother refused to love me, blaming me for stealing my father’s affection. Human love can be selfish and ego-based, and is typically conditional. This is borne out by the record number of parents mistreating their children, family members who no longer speak to each other, the frequency of divorce, and on and on.


Most likely you have experienced a lack of love in one form or another, maybe in judgments from your parents, or a former partner or friend. Some of the saddest examples of conditional human love are gay teens whose parents disown them when they come out with their personal truth. Human love has limits, because humans have limits.


The first time I experienced unconditional love, sitting meditating one morning in the cool pre-dawn hours, I was overwhelmed with how it felt – very different from anything I had ever experienced. Once felt, I began to work every day to recreate that feeling and, ultimately, to be able to share it with others. At first, I could only manage to be in unconditional love (that’s where your heart chakra is open more than 100 degrees) for a few minutes. The more I practiced on different people every day, the better I got. Flash forward 25 years, and now I can keep my heart chakra open to 180 degrees for nearly a day (remember, that’s only half way); it requires tremendous focused intent and leaves me exhausted at the end. Compare Jesus, the greatest healer in modern times, who figured out how to open His heart chakra 360 degrees, allowing Him to heal crowds and walk on water, setting the bar super high for the rest of us. Keep in mind, Jesus was a person, just like you and me, so this is an almost unbelievable human achievement. That’s why 2,014 years later, we’re still talking about Him! And trying to emulate Him!


So love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love neutralizes fear. It can heal you, heal others, change the world. And unconditional love, the love beyond all love, is the most powerful type of love in existence. It is love deeper than you can possibly imagine—you have to feel it for yourself. Once you have felt the all-encompassing love of Source, your heart will be filled to the brim and that unconditional love will start spilling over into the world, touching everyone you interact with and leaving a trail of light and love. Remember that Captain and Tennille song, “Love Will Keep Us Together”? Well quite literally, this kind of love does keep us all together.


What Exactly Is Divine Love?


When I speak of divine love, I mean ultimate unconditional love, the highest, purest, most perfect love you can experience. You can call it Unconditional or Divine or Source or even God; whatever terminology makes you most comfortable. It is all the same force, the same energy. This kind of love is part of the universal field of energy; it is what connects and harmonizes all elements of the universe together.


Unrestricted and Unconditional




Divine love has no limits, no restrictions, no parameters. Divine love is one hundred percent unconditional. Source will love you no matter what you do. There is absolutely nothing you can say or do or even think that will break or undermine the love Source has for you exactly the way you are. There is no judgment, no disappointment, only love. It’s incredibly freeing to know that deep and pure a love.


How Do I get this love?


So how can you experience the unconditional bliss of divine love? If you are reading this, you are already headed in the right direction! Divine love is what you move toward as you walk the path of light – by meditating, working with a spiritual teacher, practicing energy medicine, clearing your chakras, communing with nature, and being of service – each of these steps moves you toward experiencing the immense love of Source and all its benefits. Attending healing courses is another great way to connect to divine love.


Where do the Angels Fit in?


Angels bring divine love down to Earth directly from Source. They radiate divine love, so when you are in contact with your angels, you are receiving the energy of the Divine. They are literally conduits for the unconditional love of Source. Interacting with angels is almost like being able to reach into the heavens, and they’ll take you one step closer to Source.


Some say meditation is a communion with God, and that is one way to look at it. Done correctly, meditation raises your consciousness and propels you into the higher realms where you are more easily able to access your Higher Self, your guides and angels, and, ultimately, Source. In this expanded state, you may feel yourself fill up with peace and love, an effect which can last for hours or days after the meditation. A daily practice of meditation will increase your interactions with the higher realms and the time you spend basking in divine love. Consider guided meditations as well, like the ones I lead in my Angels of Energy Healing Live Online Course, that can take you higher than you are able to go alone.




Your Cup Will Runneth Over


However you experience the power of unconditional love, once you have, you will be utterly filled. There will be so much love inside your Spirit that you won’t be able to contain it, and as your well of love runs over, that love will spread out like a wave, washing over everyone you interact with and lifting their vibration too. Your behavior will shift as well—that love inside you will make you more compassionate and kind. You will be radiating that love through your actions and through your energy field, helping to create more awareness and kindness in turn.


This is how the light revolution will prevail over darkness—through energy healing practitioners and seekers of the light like you raising their own consciousness and opening themselves up to the magnitude and immensity of divine love. You become an ambassador of that divine love, like a pebble tossed in a pond, rippling out love to the world and changing the course of the planet.


If you would like to learn more about how to become an ambassador of divine love, please check out my three-part live online healing and ascension course, Angels of Energy Healing, where you will expand your awareness, learn how to access the healing energy of angels, and experience the life-changing power of unconditional love. Come join me today!


Angels ASAP—Get Help Faster Than Is Humanly Possible

September 8th, 2014



Have you seen those license plate frames that say, “Never drive faster than your angels can fly”? Well that’s a good reminder to everyone to rely on the very real protection of angels, but it’s also a useless worry. You could never outpace your angels—they fly faster than a speeding bullet!


No Help is Faster than Angels


Angels are the best support you can call for, and they embody the meaning of “as soon as possible.” You can’t even send a text faster than you can call for your angels! Summoning your angels can be as informal as sending a mental request, or as formal as a ritual involving an invocation and candles and incense, and any method in between. However you ask for your angels, it’s an instant appeal for help sent through the energetic airwaves, with your angel’s response time potentially clocking in at under a second. Nothing could possibly be faster.


The Perfect Support System


Angels can respond to your call quicker than you can blink an eye because angels do not have physical bodies. Angels are made of light and love—they are pure energy—so they are not restricted to the laws of time and space that humans are. As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I am often asked by students if they can take up too much of their angels’ time. You are probably just as conscientious and don’t want to prevent angels from helping someone in real danger while you receive advice. But you needn’t worry. Angels have unlimited time, or rather, don’t abide by the rules of linear time, and can therefore help everyone who needs them. Angels exist on a higher plane and they can travel vast geological distances in nanoseconds and even be in two places on Earth at once.




This makes them the perfect support system for you, since they are never too busy to accept your request for help or too far away to feel your energy shift when you are in life-threatening danger. An angel may stall your car to prevent your from entering an intersection right before a madman runs a red light and barrels through it, or give you a warning twinge in your gut to keep you from petting an unfamiliar, unleashed dog you notice later is wild-eyed and looks a little off, or they might have to literally stop a bullet to save you, but angels can always tell when you need an emergency intervention. In non-emergencies, angels can’t interfere with your life without permission.


Non-Emergency Response


Calling your angels is like calling spiritual 911, except even faster. But angels can also be of tremendous help in non-emergency situations. Angels can help you with anything and everything, from emotional support during a difficult break-up or the loss of a loved one, to clearing your chakras and processing old traumas, to physical and energy healing. Angels can afford to lend a watchful eye to children or loved ones and offer advice about important decisions or deeper soul guidance when you just feel lost in your life. Angels can even provide directions when you are physically lost like in the wilderness or in a new city. These celestial counselors don’t mind being your heavenly GPS or celestial sounding board—they are always happy to help you walk the path of light, and to keep you safe and healthy.


Angelic Healing


In addition to the amazing speed of the angels and their ability to help instantaneously, you’ll want to start contacting your angels as soon as possible so they can begin energetically healing your mind, body, and soul. Many of my students remember to call upon their angels when they feel their safely is threatened, but fewer of them take advantage of the healing properties of angels. All angels are angels of energy healing and can help restore your whole being back to its optimal state. But they can only assist you if you ask. With your intention strong and your desire pure, let the angels know how you would like them to help, and I promise, they will respond in some way.




For physical healing, you can ask that an angel apply his healing touch to your wound or injury, even emotional injuries or blockages in your chakras or energy field. If you want to request the guardian angel of all energy healers and energy healing in general, you can call on Archangel Raphael, whose emerald green light often accompanies his powerful healing energy. If you need mental help, perhaps in the form of a burning question that needs an answer, you might call Archangel Uriel for clarity, or if you need guidance on how to find a long-awaited career opportunity, your personal guardian angel is probably your best bet since he has been with you since your birth and knows your past, present, and future better than you do.


Up Your Angelic Communication


To encourage your angels to communicate with you more frequently, you can maintain a daily practice of meditation, which opens you up to the heavenly realms by expanding your awareness. Other ways to increase your ability to connect with your angels are spending time communing with nature, keeping your negativity in check by expressing your emotions, and attending healing courses, especially my course on angels of energy healing, to make sure your energy is flowing freely. Just like with any practice, the more you contact your angels, the easier it will become. Soon, you’ll be interacting with your angels every day.


Faster than Humanly Possible


Whether you need emergency protection, long-term-healing, or immediate guidance to a problem, angels will be at your side sooner than would be possible from any Earthly counselor or paramedic. With angels keeping guard, “as soon as is humanly possible,” as the saying goes, is no longer fast enough.


If you would like to discover more about how to have immediate contact with your angels and have them heal you, please consider joining me for my three-part healing and ascension course, Angels of Energy Healing, where you will expand your awareness, learn how to access the healing energy of angels, and experience the life-changing power of divine love.





3 Reasons Angelic Advice Is the Best Advice

September 1st, 2014



What if there was a way for you to get advice anytime you needed it? Not just from anyone, but from an impartial, loving, big-picture-oriented being who could also see into the deepest parts of your soul and knew everything about you, including your future? Imagine the power of that advice! With angels, you can do more than imagine that power—you can feel its benefits in your life. When you know how to call on your celestial companions and receive their heavenly guidance, you can make better choices and remain on the path of light.


Angels of Many Talents


Angels tend to be thought of as protectors, and also as messengers for God’s love. They are both of those things, but they are also incredibly gifted energy healers. You can call on your angels for any type of healing, whether you need to cure a physical injury or illness, or need their angelic energy to help clear a blocked chakra, or if you are just feeling a little blue. Angels are the most powerful practitioners of energy medicine you will find. I always invite Angels of Energy Healing to assist in my healing courses and workshops, and I find their advice invaluable.


Angels are also incredibly insightful guidance counselors. They have a unique view of the larger universe as well as your place within it, so their guidance comes from a higher vantage point with a broader view. Angels are experts on the human experience and on you, and that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why angels give the best advice. Here are three good reasons you’ll want to start contacting your angels for their divine wisdom whenever you need clarity, direction, or support.


1. Angels can see your past, present, and future.


Angels are energetic beings without a physical body, which means they are not restricted to the same linear timeline we are. They are also not limited by geography which is how they can help so many humans at one time. Because of their fluidity through time and space, they have access to the past, present, and future all at once. Angels can see exactly what you’ve done in your past, even the things you might try to hide from yourself, and they can see your innermost wants and needs. With that perspective, angels can give you guidance that is exactly the right thing for you at that moment.




2. Angels know your life purpose.


Your soul and your higher self know the path you are meant to travel on this earth, but sometimes the information takes a few years to reach your conscious mind, and this is where angelic guidance can benefit you. Since angels are directly connected to the infinite knowledge of Source, angels are able to see your life purpose—the goal your soul set for this lifetime—even if you can’t quite yet. Armed with this knowledge, they are able to offer advice that is in line with your true life’s ambition and will keep you on the path your spirit planned for you to walk, the path that leads to your development of your most desired qualities.


As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, one of the most common issues I see in my students is the uncertainty of where their life is going. This can cause fear and stress, which can clog your chakras and slow your energy flow, so receiving a little direction or encouragement from one of your celestial life coaches can give you the confidence you need to go out and follow your dreams.


3. Angels will never judge you; they only radiate love.


It can be hard to discuss certain matters with friends or family, as they have their own baggage that informs their opinions about what you do, and they also have an investment in your life. For example, a friend who is jealous that you want to start your own business while she feels stuck in her job may not be supportive if you were to admit that you are thinking about quitting your position and diving into your dream venture. This friend’s advice would likely be tinged with her own issues, subconsciously or not, and her suggestions may not be in your best interest.


An angel, on the other hand, will always give you one hundred percent unbiased advice full of love. Angels are made of the light of the Creator and of pure, unconditional love, and their job is to radiate that love down to Earth. Angels will always approach any situation in your life with love and without investment in the outcome. They only want you to be happy and healthy.




The next time you’re making a decision large or small and could use some direction and guidance, call upon your angels and they will be there. You can ask angels to dispense advice to you during your dreams, or ask for them to deliver a message through an angel sign you won’t miss. Meditation is also a good way to prepare yourself to better open yourself up to the heavenly voices, and guided meditations like the ones in my Angels of Healing Energy Course allow you to interact with your angels directly. Angels are always available to offer their holy help—you just have to ask.


If you would like to discover more about how to contact angels, receive their advice, and have them heal you, please consider joining me for my three-part healing and ascension course, the course where you will expand your awareness, learn how to access the healing energy of angels, and experience the life-changing power of divine love.