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Is Unconditional Love Nothing But a Dream?

September 15th, 2014



Human love is rarely unconditional. I experienced this first-hand in my own family. My father loved me deeply but, sadly, was unable to control his tendency to pedophilia. My mother refused to love me, blaming me for stealing my father’s affection. Human love can be selfish and ego-based, and is typically conditional. This is borne out by the record number of parents mistreating their children, family members who no longer speak to each other, the frequency of divorce, and on and on.


Most likely you have experienced a lack of love in one form or another, maybe in judgments from your parents, or a former partner or friend. Some of the saddest examples of conditional human love are gay teens whose parents disown them when they come out with their personal truth. Human love has limits, because humans have limits.


The first time I experienced unconditional love, sitting meditating one morning in the cool pre-dawn hours, I was overwhelmed with how it felt – very different from anything I had ever experienced. Once felt, I began to work every day to recreate that feeling and, ultimately, to be able to share it with others. At first, I could only manage to be in unconditional love (that’s where your heart chakra is open more than 100 degrees) for a few minutes. The more I practiced on different people every day, the better I got. Flash forward 25 years, and now I can keep my heart chakra open to 180 degrees for nearly a day (remember, that’s only half way); it requires tremendous focused intent and leaves me exhausted at the end. Compare Jesus, the greatest healer in modern times, who figured out how to open His heart chakra 360 degrees, allowing Him to heal crowds and walk on water, setting the bar super high for the rest of us. Keep in mind, Jesus was a person, just like you and me, so this is an almost unbelievable human achievement. That’s why 2,014 years later, we’re still talking about Him! And trying to emulate Him!


So love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love neutralizes fear. It can heal you, heal others, change the world. And unconditional love, the love beyond all love, is the most powerful type of love in existence. It is love deeper than you can possibly imagine—you have to feel it for yourself. Once you have felt the all-encompassing love of Source, your heart will be filled to the brim and that unconditional love will start spilling over into the world, touching everyone you interact with and leaving a trail of light and love. Remember that Captain and Tennille song, “Love Will Keep Us Together”? Well quite literally, this kind of love does keep us all together.


What Exactly Is Divine Love?


When I speak of divine love, I mean ultimate unconditional love, the highest, purest, most perfect love you can experience. You can call it Unconditional or Divine or Source or even God; whatever terminology makes you most comfortable. It is all the same force, the same energy. This kind of love is part of the universal field of energy; it is what connects and harmonizes all elements of the universe together.


Unrestricted and Unconditional




Divine love has no limits, no restrictions, no parameters. Divine love is one hundred percent unconditional. Source will love you no matter what you do. There is absolutely nothing you can say or do or even think that will break or undermine the love Source has for you exactly the way you are. There is no judgment, no disappointment, only love. It’s incredibly freeing to know that deep and pure a love.


How Do I get this love?


So how can you experience the unconditional bliss of divine love? If you are reading this, you are already headed in the right direction! Divine love is what you move toward as you walk the path of light – by meditating, working with a spiritual teacher, practicing energy medicine, clearing your chakras, communing with nature, and being of service – each of these steps moves you toward experiencing the immense love of Source and all its benefits. Attending healing courses is another great way to connect to divine love.


Where do the Angels Fit in?


Angels bring divine love down to Earth directly from Source. They radiate divine love, so when you are in contact with your angels, you are receiving the energy of the Divine. They are literally conduits for the unconditional love of Source. Interacting with angels is almost like being able to reach into the heavens, and they’ll take you one step closer to Source.


Some say meditation is a communion with God, and that is one way to look at it. Done correctly, meditation raises your consciousness and propels you into the higher realms where you are more easily able to access your Higher Self, your guides and angels, and, ultimately, Source. In this expanded state, you may feel yourself fill up with peace and love, an effect which can last for hours or days after the meditation. A daily practice of meditation will increase your interactions with the higher realms and the time you spend basking in divine love. Consider guided meditations as well, like the ones I lead in my Angels of Energy Healing Live Online Course, that can take you higher than you are able to go alone.




Your Cup Will Runneth Over


However you experience the power of unconditional love, once you have, you will be utterly filled. There will be so much love inside your Spirit that you won’t be able to contain it, and as your well of love runs over, that love will spread out like a wave, washing over everyone you interact with and lifting their vibration too. Your behavior will shift as well—that love inside you will make you more compassionate and kind. You will be radiating that love through your actions and through your energy field, helping to create more awareness and kindness in turn.


This is how the light revolution will prevail over darkness—through energy healing practitioners and seekers of the light like you raising their own consciousness and opening themselves up to the magnitude and immensity of divine love. You become an ambassador of that divine love, like a pebble tossed in a pond, rippling out love to the world and changing the course of the planet.


If you would like to learn more about how to become an ambassador of divine love, please check out my three-part live online healing and ascension course, Angels of Energy Healing, where you will expand your awareness, learn how to access the healing energy of angels, and experience the life-changing power of unconditional love. Come join me today!


Angels ASAP—Get Help Faster Than Is Humanly Possible

September 8th, 2014



Have you seen those license plate frames that say, “Never drive faster than your angels can fly”? Well that’s a good reminder to everyone to rely on the very real protection of angels, but it’s also a useless worry. You could never outpace your angels—they fly faster than a speeding bullet!


No Help is Faster than Angels


Angels are the best support you can call for, and they embody the meaning of “as soon as possible.” You can’t even send a text faster than you can call for your angels! Summoning your angels can be as informal as sending a mental request, or as formal as a ritual involving an invocation and candles and incense, and any method in between. However you ask for your angels, it’s an instant appeal for help sent through the energetic airwaves, with your angel’s response time potentially clocking in at under a second. Nothing could possibly be faster.


The Perfect Support System


Angels can respond to your call quicker than you can blink an eye because angels do not have physical bodies. Angels are made of light and love—they are pure energy—so they are not restricted to the laws of time and space that humans are. As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I am often asked by students if they can take up too much of their angels’ time. You are probably just as conscientious and don’t want to prevent angels from helping someone in real danger while you receive advice. But you needn’t worry. Angels have unlimited time, or rather, don’t abide by the rules of linear time, and can therefore help everyone who needs them. Angels exist on a higher plane and they can travel vast geological distances in nanoseconds and even be in two places on Earth at once.




This makes them the perfect support system for you, since they are never too busy to accept your request for help or too far away to feel your energy shift when you are in life-threatening danger. An angel may stall your car to prevent your from entering an intersection right before a madman runs a red light and barrels through it, or give you a warning twinge in your gut to keep you from petting an unfamiliar, unleashed dog you notice later is wild-eyed and looks a little off, or they might have to literally stop a bullet to save you, but angels can always tell when you need an emergency intervention. In non-emergencies, angels can’t interfere with your life without permission.


Non-Emergency Response


Calling your angels is like calling spiritual 911, except even faster. But angels can also be of tremendous help in non-emergency situations. Angels can help you with anything and everything, from emotional support during a difficult break-up or the loss of a loved one, to clearing your chakras and processing old traumas, to physical and energy healing. Angels can afford to lend a watchful eye to children or loved ones and offer advice about important decisions or deeper soul guidance when you just feel lost in your life. Angels can even provide directions when you are physically lost like in the wilderness or in a new city. These celestial counselors don’t mind being your heavenly GPS or celestial sounding board—they are always happy to help you walk the path of light, and to keep you safe and healthy.


Angelic Healing


In addition to the amazing speed of the angels and their ability to help instantaneously, you’ll want to start contacting your angels as soon as possible so they can begin energetically healing your mind, body, and soul. Many of my students remember to call upon their angels when they feel their safely is threatened, but fewer of them take advantage of the healing properties of angels. All angels are angels of energy healing and can help restore your whole being back to its optimal state. But they can only assist you if you ask. With your intention strong and your desire pure, let the angels know how you would like them to help, and I promise, they will respond in some way.




For physical healing, you can ask that an angel apply his healing touch to your wound or injury, even emotional injuries or blockages in your chakras or energy field. If you want to request the guardian angel of all energy healers and energy healing in general, you can call on Archangel Raphael, whose emerald green light often accompanies his powerful healing energy. If you need mental help, perhaps in the form of a burning question that needs an answer, you might call Archangel Uriel for clarity, or if you need guidance on how to find a long-awaited career opportunity, your personal guardian angel is probably your best bet since he has been with you since your birth and knows your past, present, and future better than you do.


Up Your Angelic Communication


To encourage your angels to communicate with you more frequently, you can maintain a daily practice of meditation, which opens you up to the heavenly realms by expanding your awareness. Other ways to increase your ability to connect with your angels are spending time communing with nature, keeping your negativity in check by expressing your emotions, and attending healing courses, especially my course on angels of energy healing, to make sure your energy is flowing freely. Just like with any practice, the more you contact your angels, the easier it will become. Soon, you’ll be interacting with your angels every day.


Faster than Humanly Possible


Whether you need emergency protection, long-term-healing, or immediate guidance to a problem, angels will be at your side sooner than would be possible from any Earthly counselor or paramedic. With angels keeping guard, “as soon as is humanly possible,” as the saying goes, is no longer fast enough.


If you would like to discover more about how to have immediate contact with your angels and have them heal you, please consider joining me for my three-part healing and ascension course, Angels of Energy Healing, where you will expand your awareness, learn how to access the healing energy of angels, and experience the life-changing power of divine love.





3 Reasons Angelic Advice Is the Best Advice

September 1st, 2014



What if there was a way for you to get advice anytime you needed it? Not just from anyone, but from an impartial, loving, big-picture-oriented being who could also see into the deepest parts of your soul and knew everything about you, including your future? Imagine the power of that advice! With angels, you can do more than imagine that power—you can feel its benefits in your life. When you know how to call on your celestial companions and receive their heavenly guidance, you can make better choices and remain on the path of light.


Angels of Many Talents


Angels tend to be thought of as protectors, and also as messengers for God’s love. They are both of those things, but they are also incredibly gifted energy healers. You can call on your angels for any type of healing, whether you need to cure a physical injury or illness, or need their angelic energy to help clear a blocked chakra, or if you are just feeling a little blue. Angels are the most powerful practitioners of energy medicine you will find. I always invite Angels of Energy Healing to assist in my healing courses and workshops, and I find their advice invaluable.


Angels are also incredibly insightful guidance counselors. They have a unique view of the larger universe as well as your place within it, so their guidance comes from a higher vantage point with a broader view. Angels are experts on the human experience and on you, and that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why angels give the best advice. Here are three good reasons you’ll want to start contacting your angels for their divine wisdom whenever you need clarity, direction, or support.


1. Angels can see your past, present, and future.


Angels are energetic beings without a physical body, which means they are not restricted to the same linear timeline we are. They are also not limited by geography which is how they can help so many humans at one time. Because of their fluidity through time and space, they have access to the past, present, and future all at once. Angels can see exactly what you’ve done in your past, even the things you might try to hide from yourself, and they can see your innermost wants and needs. With that perspective, angels can give you guidance that is exactly the right thing for you at that moment.




2. Angels know your life purpose.


Your soul and your higher self know the path you are meant to travel on this earth, but sometimes the information takes a few years to reach your conscious mind, and this is where angelic guidance can benefit you. Since angels are directly connected to the infinite knowledge of Source, angels are able to see your life purpose—the goal your soul set for this lifetime—even if you can’t quite yet. Armed with this knowledge, they are able to offer advice that is in line with your true life’s ambition and will keep you on the path your spirit planned for you to walk, the path that leads to your development of your most desired qualities.


As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, one of the most common issues I see in my students is the uncertainty of where their life is going. This can cause fear and stress, which can clog your chakras and slow your energy flow, so receiving a little direction or encouragement from one of your celestial life coaches can give you the confidence you need to go out and follow your dreams.


3. Angels will never judge you; they only radiate love.


It can be hard to discuss certain matters with friends or family, as they have their own baggage that informs their opinions about what you do, and they also have an investment in your life. For example, a friend who is jealous that you want to start your own business while she feels stuck in her job may not be supportive if you were to admit that you are thinking about quitting your position and diving into your dream venture. This friend’s advice would likely be tinged with her own issues, subconsciously or not, and her suggestions may not be in your best interest.


An angel, on the other hand, will always give you one hundred percent unbiased advice full of love. Angels are made of the light of the Creator and of pure, unconditional love, and their job is to radiate that love down to Earth. Angels will always approach any situation in your life with love and without investment in the outcome. They only want you to be happy and healthy.




The next time you’re making a decision large or small and could use some direction and guidance, call upon your angels and they will be there. You can ask angels to dispense advice to you during your dreams, or ask for them to deliver a message through an angel sign you won’t miss. Meditation is also a good way to prepare yourself to better open yourself up to the heavenly voices, and guided meditations like the ones in my Angels of Healing Energy Course allow you to interact with your angels directly. Angels are always available to offer their holy help—you just have to ask.


If you would like to discover more about how to contact angels, receive their advice, and have them heal you, please consider joining me for my three-part healing and ascension course, the course where you will expand your awareness, learn how to access the healing energy of angels, and experience the life-changing power of divine love.

Have You Met Your Angels of Energy Healing?

August 25th, 2014

 Angel of Divine Love


Did you know there are angels of energy healing out there, waiting to come to your aid? These angels are with you right now—all you have to do is let them know you want their help and they will be by your side in an instant, ready to heal your mind, body, and soul with their powerful celestial energy.

More Than Messengers

Angels are most well-known as messengers of God. In fact, the word angel comes from the Greek word angelos, which means messenger. In the stories of many religions, angels bring God’s word to humans, acting as intermediaries between the heavenly and earthly realms, and angels still serve this role today. But angels are so much more than just messengers!

Angels are also guardians, record-keepers, guidance counselors, muses, best friends, teachers, and in dire circumstances, emergency responders. Angels love you unconditionally—no matter what you do, your angels will still support and stand by you. They’re like family, only better because there is no judgment! But best of all, angels are natural healers and can help you heal anything from a headache to a broken heart to a blocked chakra. All you have to do is ask for their healing touch, because every single angel is an angel of energy healing.

Really feel into your energy field and remember the times in your life when you received a message of love and healing from an angel. It might have been a special sign from a loved one that’s no longer on this plane, a healing phone call from a long-lost friend or a comforting hug when you most needed it. Messages take all shapes and forms, but an angel is always there.


angel statue


Angels of Energy Healing

Angels are literally made of light and love—they are made of energy. They can choose to take human or any other form, but their true, natural state of being is as radiant white light and pure, unconditional love. They still have a consciousness; they are thinking, individual beings with their own personalities, but they do not have a body. They are made of the very thing we use as the healing agent in energy medicine: positive energy! This means that all angels have the ability to energetically heal you instantaneously, no matter what type of healing you need. And trust me, they are among the most powerful energy healers you can find!

Angels are also a connection to divine love—the most powerful love in the universe. Angels live in the radiant love of Source—can you imagine how wonderful that must be?—and they bring that divine love back down to Earth, to you, so that you can experience the life-changing unconditional love of God. Once you have felt the warmth and complete bliss of divine love, your consciousness expands, and you become more self-aware, more aware of the love all around you, and you know in your soul you are loved by Spirit. You also become a beacon of love for others, just like angels.

Ask yourself: When is the last time you felt this powerful sense of Divine Love? Have you ever had a healing experience that was purely angelic? When is the last time you were contacted by an angel while you were meditating or in a dream?

Hear the Angel Voices

Your angels of energy healing are around you at this very moment. They are tuned into your energy and can sense when you are in a life threatening situation, but otherwise they will not interfere with your life unless you ask them to. In my work as a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I often call upon angels as guides to assist in energy healing sessions; they are such powerful natural healers. You’ll definitely want to learn how to contact your angels so you can call them to your side to heal, support, guide, inspire, or simply love you.

Angels don’t have to follow the same rules of time and space as we do, so they are never overworked or too busy for you; you don’t have to worry about “hogging” your angels. They are there for you. A solid spiritual foundation of meditation and healing courses or workshops will heighten your capacity for communicating and interacting with angels, and also provide a strong foundation for ascending to the angel realms where you can hear the celestial choirs.

When is the last time you’ve been guided by an angel to do or say something? Have you ever stopped in your tracks and known that you were walking into danger or dark energy? Your angels will often whisper to you (and occasionally shout)!


Rainbow Angel Wings in the clouds Banner


Energy Healing, Angelically Super-Charged

In energy healing, I guide light energy from the universal field, through my field, and into your field, just as you do when you perform energy healing on yourself or others. The energy does not come from us; we are just the conduits. When angels perform energy healing through us, the energy is very powerful – just imagine its super-strength!

If you would like to discover even more about how to contact angels and have them heal you, please consider joining me for my three-part healing and ascension course, the Angels of Energy Healing Live Online Event, where you will expand your awareness, learn how to access the healing energy of angels, and experience divine love.


Angelic presence in tunnel of light

3 Ways Angels Keep You Safe

August 18th, 2014



Have you ever heard that voice in your head that cautions you to take the sharp turn in the road a little more slowly, and then an accident happens right in front of you, an accident you just narrowly avoided? Or maybe you’ve heard the stories of mothers who suddenly develop super strength to lift a heavy piece of furniture off their children, or of other miracles in which fraying ropes hold long enough for last-minute rescues or a search team finds an unconscious missing hiker in a remote part of a park because someone had a “hunch.”

More Than Luck

Incidents like these are quite common, but that doesn’t make them any less astonishing! It’s more than luck. The simple reason for the frequency of these amazing events is that every single person has their own guardian angel, protecting them at all times.

Your guardian angel is present right now, watching you, keeping you out of harm’s reach, and stepping in to help in the face of danger. That mother was able to lift a heavy item because she was blessed with the assistance of a heavenly hand. That search party member who had a “hunch” was receiving a message from an angel—perhaps both his guardian angel and the lost hiker’s angel. As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard similar to these in which “miracles” are really the result of angel bodyguards doing their duty. Take a minute to think about your own close-calls. I bet at an angel was involved in at least one of them.

Safety First

Angels are celestial creatures who are connected to God or Source or Spirit, or however you define the unconditional love of the higher realms. Angels’ “job” is to act as messengers between Source and you—they’re quite literally light bearers, bringing light to Earth and inspiring people to be their best selves. This is why invoking angel guides and the study of angels work so well in tandem with energy healing—the goal of each is to expand your awareness and facilitate your transformation into the beacon of light you were born to become.




Of course, in order to be your best self, you have to be healthy and safe, and angels can help you with that as well. Here’s how:

1. Angels are always available when you ask for help.

Aside from life-or-death situations, like the examples above in which angels actually saved lives, angels will not interfere with your free will. Angels’ purpose is to spread light and love, and taking away your ability to choose your own path goes against that purpose. Angels will sit back and let you do as you please, but if you want guidance, all you need to do is ask.

You can call on angels for anything that feels threatening, from a creepy person who seemed to be following you, to an abusive relationship, or even if you just need a dose of divine love from a judgment-free celestial being, angels can be by your side in less time than it would take to send a text. You’ll soon remember when you thought text and email were fast! With angels, you can call them in a tiny fraction of a second. You can even contact your angels in your dreams, or through meditation. Once you know how to contact your angels, they will feel as close as your shadow, easy to turn to for guidance, comfort, or protection when you need it most.

2. There are multiple angels on your speed dial.

Your guardian angels are yours for life, always keeping an eye out for your safety, but there are also additional angels you can call on in specific times of need. For example, Archangel Raphael is associated with healing. Even his name means “one who heals.” Raphael would be a good choice for angelic assistance anytime you need healing.

Other angels have different areas of expertise, and there are many different types of angels, though only some are available to receive contact from humans. Angels, like humans, have their specialties, and learning more about which angels can help you when, and how to contact each type to ask for help is a great place to begin your angel studies. With only a little bit of effort, you can begin contacting your angels anytime you need help with anything from the energy to get through a tough day at work to guidance about whether or not to buy a house or start a business to whether or not to consider someone a potential partner.




3. Angels help you release negative emotions.

One of the tenets of energy healing is that it’s vital to keep your chakras and energy field clear of negativity. Over time, if lower level feelings of anger or shame or envy or what have you are not dealt with, they can get stuck in your body, creating crimps in your energy flow, which eventually lead to physical health issues.

Likewise, if traumas from the past are not properly processed and released, they too can become trapped in your energy field. Whatever the source of the negative emotions, once they become body-bound, they act like plaque in a clogged artery, and must be removed in order to allow for the free-flow of energy to resume.

Angels can help you start processing these emotions, so you can begin to clear your energy field. Before you go to sleep, ask for your angels to gently begin to lift some of the emotional baggage from your body and field, and notice in the morning that you may feel lighter. Just by asking an angel to work on you brings light into your field and body, which pushes out the darkness. Attending healing courses and working with a trained energy healer is also a beneficial move to rid your body and field of unwanted negativity.

These are just a few of the ways in which angels keep you safe. In addition to steering you away from physical danger like falling ladders or car accidents, angels also keep dark forces at bay, lead your spirit on adventures while you’re dreaming or during deep meditation, and teach you what unconditional love truly feels like. Once you’ve experienced the presence of your angel, you’ll feel less alone knowing they are always ready to jump in and help, and you’ll feel more secure, more at peace, and full of a love that goes beyond any human limitations.


If you’re attracted to angels and learning more about how you can call upon these celestial guides for healing and support, click the link to watch a video about how you can discover more!


How to Cultivate Your Inner Light

August 11th, 2014


Can you think of someone you know who is always positive? This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are always happy—sometimes life throws pretty hefty curve balls—but do you know someone who responds to those curve balls with grace and perspective, who reacts from a place of love and light? It’s these types of people, like Ghandi or Maya Angelou or Mother Teresa, who face hate and fear with love and forgiveness, who are true beacons of light that inspire the world.

The Light Inside of You

You have a light inside of you, too. Depending on where you are in your spiritual development, that light might be a flickering flame or a giant bonfire, but it’s there, and it’s ready for you to nourish it and let it get brighter and stronger.

Those people who seem to be lighter and happier have reached higher levels of awareness. In an expanded state, you realize that we are all connected to the universal field, and this understanding allows you to interact with the world from a thoughtful, loving, distanced standpoint. This is a far cry—and a much happier one—from the immediate knee-jerk reactions and fearful defensiveness that is the pattern of so many who are not coming from an enlightened awareness.

Spreading Love to All

I have traveled all over the world to meet with shamans, priests, monks, and many other spiritual teachers and energy healing practitioners, many of whom were living their daily life full of love and looking at the world and all its struggle from the vantage point of an expanded state.


What I learned from them, and have confirmed in my thirty years as an energy healer and spiritual teacher myself, is that when you have experienced the light of the divine, even momentarily through meditation, you can begin to cultivate that divine light inside of you. When you begin to express it through your thoughts and actions, it creates a ripple effect of love in the world.

Don’t Squelch Your Light!

Healing and enlightenment go hand in hand—it’s much harder to reach states of expanded awareness when your energy field is blocked or your chakras are spinning incorrectly. Think of it like this: when your chakras and energy field are not operating optimally, darkness fills your field and your body like a drop of ink in water, spreading quickly, and dimming your inner light. This is where energy healing comes to the rescue. With energy healing, you can clear those blockages and begin cleansing, charging and balancing your field, allowing space for the light to return.

Here are 3 tips for healing yourself and growing the light inside of you so you can live a more positive, happier life.

1. Have fun.

Joy is often overlooked in our fast-paced, work-driven culture, but it is one of the most important catalysts for bringing light into your life. If you’re like many, you are often rushing around, caught up in the busy-ness of projects, travel, appointments, etc. and you might forget to take time out to simply enjoy yourself. Take a fun break! Even if you have to schedule it in, make time to read a good book or watch an entertaining movie or take a bubble bath, play games with friends or run with your dog. Whatever makes you smile, laugh, and feel uplifted—do that as often as possible. Really let yourself have fun the way you did as a child, totally free and uninhibited. Think about how good it feels to let go. Joy is healing.


2. Live your soul’s true purpose.

When you are living your true purpose in life—doing what your soul came to this planet to do—you move further into the light. It’s like a key in a lock, and when you find your true life purpose, each day will feel like a gift. You know how they say, “You never work a day in your life when you do what you love.” I have found that to be true for myself: when I’m doing energy healing or teaching my healing courses, I feel great! I wish for you to manifest your own life purpose, whatever it may be, and if you haven’t found it yet, you can discover it through meditation, working with a spiritual teacher, or other personal work. You can always tell when someone is living in alignment with their true soul’s purpose, because they literally glow.

3. Be of service.

If you’ve been to one of my energy medicine workshops or listen to my weekly radio show, you have probably heard me say, “Chop wood, carry water.” Be of service. Serving others is a way to help heal yourself. I know it might sound backwards, but giving and using your gifts for the greater good takes your energy and light beyond yourself and helps others. But since we are all connected through the universal field, that light you shine on others comes back to illuminate you. Light brings more light.

If you encourage the light that is already inside of you to grow and expand, it will eventually burn so brightly that others can’t help but see it, and they will want to follow your radiant example. Not only will you be raising your own vibration by living in light and acting from a framework of positivity, but you will also be helping to raise the vibration of the whole planet!


Supermoon Sunday: Tap into the Power of Lunar Energy

August 4th, 2014


How often do you go outside and look at the moon? You probably spend most of your waking hours enjoying the light of the sun, which is influential in its own right, but did you know that the energy of the moonlight holds its own special power?

What Is a Supermoon?

This Sunday a supermoon will rise into the night sky and bathe the world in its shimmering white light. A “supermoon” is a full moon that occurs when the moon’s orbit is closest to the earth, making the moon appear even bigger and brighter than normal. Lucky us!

A full moon is always a powerful time for meditation, energy healing, and recharging your energy field and chakras. That is why so many cultures have rituals and ceremonies that take place during full moons—the full moon shines down so much pure energy that anything it touches can’t help but feel its radiance and love. The supermoon effect amplifies that power and makes it even stronger.

Energy Medicine and the Full Moon

Energy healing during this potent time can yield incredible results. The illumination it provides is not only physical, but on the soul level as well, lighting up corners of your subconscious and giving you access to insights about your emotions, yourself, and your path, so you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this next week’s lunar energy!

Here are my top 7 ways to do just that:

1. Get in touch with your emotions.

Emotions are magnified during the full moon. Have you ever heard people say, “It must be a full moon,” when things start to go crazy? Since emotions are so easily accessible during this time, it’s a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and release them. This will help clear your chakras, and allow for the healing energy of the full moon to work its magic. Journaling is especially beneficial right now, and in addition to expressing your inner truths and feelings, it’s a good time to write out your intentions, make decisions about what you really want, and fully embrace your truest self.

2. Take a moon bath.

The moonlight is cleansing to your mind, body, and spirit, so spending time under its vibrant white glow is like a soothing bath without the water. Take a walk under the moon, preferably with some of your skin bared to the light. Gaze up at the brilliance of the moon for as long as you can, basking in its energy and love. What do you feel in your body and in your chakras? What messages is the moon lighting up inside of you? A moon bath steeps your body and spirit in purifying light, washing away negativity and leaving you fresh and renewed.

3. Manifest your desires.

Harness the positive energy of the moon by envisioning your goals and dreams. Spend some time picturing your life as you wish it to be. What are your intentions? The full moon will magnify any energy you send out, and help guide it into the welcoming embrace of the universe. Be clear and specific about what you wish to manifest and don’t be surprised when your intentions come true.


4. Release negativity.

The moon’s light is so strong, it’s hard for darkness to stand up in the face of its glory. The moon can reach the deepest parts of your soul and pull out the things you’ve been hiding or trying to ignore. The moon illuminates any negative emotions stored in your chakras or your body and reflects that knowledge back to you so that you can begin the process of clearing those blockages through meditation, healing courses, or other means.

5. Be creative.

What is your special talent or hobby? Do you paint or cook or act or sing? Maybe you enjoy decorating or gardening or a sport. The full moon is the time to do whatever creative activity makes you feel joyful! Any creations you make this next week will be imbued with the light and energy of the full moon, and can even act as special tokens or talismans that will allow you to recall the moon’s energy whenever you need it in the future.

6. Sleep outside.

I try to sleep outside all summer, and especially during the full moons. So this warm August night, why not give it a try? Grab a sleeping bag or blanket and head out under the canopy of sparkling stars and the glowing full moon and just bask in the light. Meditate or even say a little prayer, and let the peace and beauty of the moon soak into your body and soul while you sleep. You’ll wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

7. Boost your feminine energy.

Women, take note: you in particular need the feminine lunar energy of the moon in order to keep your energy field vibrant and strong. This is not to discount the guys, because they need feminine energy as well—remember everything is about balance—but the female energy of the moon is absolutely essential for women to maintain the health of their field. Of course, all energy healing efforts are boosted by a full moon, but gals may find this time especially fruitful during.

I hope that you’ll try some or all of these techniques during this coming supermoon weekend. At the very least, make an effort to get outside this next weekend and enjoy the benefits of spending time lovingly enveloped in the soft white glow of the moon!

Five Signs That You’re Ready to Initiate

July 28th, 2014


It happens at more and more of my healing courses these days: students experiencing initiations, or spiritual advancement. I used to facilitate just one or two initiations per year, and now I find them happening every day, sometimes to an entire room of people!

As you climb to higher and higher levels of consciousness through initiations, you are also helping to raise the vibration of the whole planet. Initiations come from a place of unconditional love, and that love touches the hearts of everyone who is lucky enough to witness it, and everyone who comes into contact with the initiate.

For such a life-altering event, initiations can sometimes be confusing, especially if you’re new to them. Below are the top five questions I get asked about initiations with answers I hope will help clarify things as well as get you excited by the prospect of your own initiation!

1. What is an initiation?

The short version is that an initiation is a spiritual step up, like moving to the next grade in school. The longer explanation is that initiations are the process of reconnecting with Source, one level at a time. Just as you wouldn’t go from first to sixth grade, you can’t just jump up to the same spiritual plane where Spirit exists from here on the physical plane, it would be too high a vibration to handle all at once. You have to move slowly, raise your vibration level by level. Initiations bring in higher level energy, raise your awareness, and open you up to spiritual gifts.




Initiations happen in all cultures, though they go by different names. In India they call this energy the kundalini rising, in western Christian cultures where I first learned of this process they call them initiations, but it is all the same energy. Whether the facilitator is a Brazilian shaman beating a drum, a Texan minister speaking in tongues, or an energy healer and spiritual teacher like me, the Source energy that flows through us is the same, bringing you expanded awareness and a deeper tie to Spirit.

2. Why are initiations happening more frequently now?

Spirit has infinite information and infinite wisdom; it knows what this planet needs and when. Our world has grown so large so fast, we can barely keep up with ourselves. With increased connectivity it is easier for good energy to spread through the means of Skype and Facetime, so much so that we can even do energy healing sessions and healing courses via the internet!

But this also means that negative energy can spread more rapidly as well, and since negativity is always desperately seeking the light, Spirit saw a need for more light bearers to come into their full potential sooner. If more and more people initiate to higher awareness, the world will start to heal from the inside out.

3. How can I encourage an initiation?

You cannot force an initiation to occur, but what you can do is build a strong base for the initiation to rest on. Prayer, meditation, running, nature, or something else that brings you into mind, body, and spirit into alignment is a good place to start your spiritual practice for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the link to initiations. Sometimes a student will have the initiation energy waiting above their head, ready to download into their body, but there is no base for me to place it on. You must have a spiritual practice, whether that be meditation or prayer or something like that as a foundation. I never have limiting beliefs about what that foundation can be for an individual – one time, it was pole dancing!




But the best thing you can do is be of service. Chop wood, carry water. Do the manual labor; don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty—literally or metaphorically. Maybe you can plant trees in your neighborhood or volunteer to work with homeless teens. Anything you do that is in service to others, giving your time and energy to benefit someone else with no expectation of reward—that is when Spirit will reward you with a step up.

4. Why do I cry at an initiation, even if it’s not happening to me?

Initiations are pure, unconditional love. When I say you initiate to a higher vibration, well, that vibration is love. When that love comes from Source and into your energy field and body, your heart chakra opens wide to welcome it in. Not just your heart chakra, but anyone who is present, live or via the internet, anyone who witnesses that initiation has their heart chakra expanded, too. That’s why you feel all warm and fuzzy inside at my workshops when other students initiate—your heart chakra is opening, and that can bring tears to your eyes.

5. How can I tell what my level of initiation is?

The best approach to take with initiations is to try not to wonder what level you are on. Curiosity is one thing, but it can be hard to keep curiosity from turning into an egotistical need to know, which defeats the purpose of striving to be of service. Attending energy healing courses and workshops and working with a trained energy healer will help you get a sense of where you are and how much work needs to be done to prepare your energy field for an initiation.

First and second level initiations are subtle and do not require a spiritual teacher to facilitate. In fact, if you are reading this, there is a very good chance that you have already initiated to the second level and you didn’t even notice. Beyond that, a spiritual teacher is needed to be the conduit for the energy from Source to you in higher level initiations.

Initiations are like cats—they come when you stop calling for them or asking them to show up. Meditate and being of service is the best advice I have for preparing for initiations. When you are so engaged with spreading positivity beyond yourself, the initiation will materialize when you least expect it, just like a cat. And it will bring you more joy than you can possibly imagine. It will also bring you para-normal spiritual gifts, perhaps clairvoyance or the ability to know beyond this plane, or perhaps even the gift of healing!



5 Most Common Meditation Pitfalls and How to Resolve Them

July 21st, 2014



Anyone on the path toward enlightenment already knows that meditation is an essential part of the process. In addition to being necessary for expanding your consciousness, meditation has a whole host of benefits from calming stress to lowering your blood pressure to clearing your chakras to improving your energy healing abilities, and many, many more. But what if you can’t do it? What happens when meditation seems to stop working, or when it feels like a chore rather than a blessing? How can you jumpstart or retrieve your meditation motivation?

Let me first and foremost assure you that you can meditate! If you are reading this, you are capable. Like any skill, it takes practice and determination, and a little guidance from an experienced instructor like me. As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I’ve been training my students in meditation techniques for decades as part of my energy medicine workshops and healing courses.

Everyone goes through periods when maintaining their meditation practice isn’t as joyful or fulfilling, and you may have problems that many share. But meditation is crucial to your health and happiness, so I’ve put together a list of some of the most common meditation pitfalls and how to counteract each bump in the road in the hope that meditation will become an indispensable part of your life.

Pitfall #1: Time.

In this frantic, life-at-the-touch-of-a-smart-phone-button culture, it can be hard to find the time to slow down and meditate. In fact, it’s darn near impossible. That’s why you must make time.




You do not have to set aside hours upon hours for meditation like yogis or monks—they don’t have day jobs. Just twenty minutes at a time, preferably twice a day, is all it takes to reap the rewards of meditation.

Solution #1: Schedule meditation until it becomes routine.

Add meditation to your calendar like it’s any other important event because it is! It takes about three weeks to turn an activity into a habit, so for three weeks, block off the time and set a meditation reminder on your phone. Sit on the same cushion or chair for each meditation and create a safe space free from distractions that, upon entering, sends signals to your brain that it’s meditation time.

The best time to meditate is when you first wake up in the morning. Before you check your email or read the news, before you’ve even had your cup of coffee, take a few minutes to ground yourself to the earth, reset your body, mind, and energy field for the day ahead. If you find that you drift back to sleep when meditating this early, try a mid-morning meditation break instead. Your second meditation of the day should be before dinner, but after work. Let this meditation be your transition between the hectic rushing around of errands, projects, phone calls, and whatever else your day throws at you, and the slower pace of evening.

Making time for meditation will eventually become habitual. How often do you forget to brush your teeth before bed? I’d wager not often, because you know it’s good for you and it’s ingrained in your nighttime routine. The goal is to make meditation as automatic as polishing those pearly whites.




Pitfall #2: Doubt.

This particularly devious pitfall can strike at any level at any time; even the best are not immune to this niggling little pest. Doubt conjures up thoughts like, Nothing is happening. Is this working? Am I meditating right? This is silly. What is supposed to be happening? Shouldn’t I be feeling something? I must be doing this wrong, and on and on and on. Doubt creates a cycle of self-sabotage in your mind and convinces you that meditation is the problem, not the solution, which is of course, absurd.

Solution #2: Be gentle with yourself.

Learning to meditate is not a race—there is no prize for getting to the finish line the fastest. In fact, there is no finish line. Meditation is a long-form art, a lifelong pursuit that can take some warming up to, but there’s no need to rush. Don’t beat yourself up if it feels like nothing is happening. Trust me, energy healing and emotional processing are taking place. Simply do the work: show up each day and sit, breathing, and do your best. Allow yourself the time to notice the benefits. Meditation will get easier the more you do it, so don’t let your doubts keep you from a practice that will change your life if you stick with it.

Pitfall #3: Physical discomfort.

Maybe once you’re sitting, you realize that your neck hurts from the computer or your back from driving so much. Maybe you just have trouble sitting still, your muscles tense and jittery, bouncing up and down or twitching. Whatever the source, it is not uncommon to feel some physical discomfort when you first start meditating. If you experience severe pain, you should see a professional to help determine if there are conditions that need to be addressed, but plain old restlessness or mild discomfort will resolve in time.




Solution #3: Focus on your mantra.

If you have a mantra to focus on, it will take you away from your body in just a few minutes. If you don’t you’ll want to get one from me – I’ll give you one calibrated to your energy field. After a while, sitting will become more comfortable, and your body will begin to associate relaxation with meditation.

Pitfall #4: Emotional discomfort.

Meditation connects you to the deeper levels of your psyche and can release emotions that have been previously kept under wraps. This is one of the reasons meditation is so complementary to energy healing, but when you hit one of those periods when feelings are flying to the surface every time you begin your practice, it can keep you from wanting to close your eyes and meditate.

Solution #4: Focus on your mantra.

During meditation, your job is to simply be. So instead of focusing on those emotional currents churning inside you, turn your attention toward your mantra. Be sure to journal about those feelings later, and be thankful for the opportunity to process your emotions. As you know, releasing old negative feelings is important for keeping your chakras and energy field clear, and meditation facilitates that healing process.




Pitfall #5: Giving up.

Your meditation can’t get better if you stop doing it! Just like you wouldn’t start an exercise routine and expect immediate results, you must give meditation time to effect change in your life. If you give up, you will miss out on all the amazing benefits of meditation.

Solution #5: Don’t give up!

I understand how frustrating it is to come up against seemingly insurmountable obstacles while trying to maintain your meditation practice, but don’t give up! Meditation is the most rewarding personal practice you can do. No other single activity can do so much to increase your all-around well-being as meditation. Keep at it and I promise, you’ll thank the universe you persevered.

To learn more meditation tools of the trade, please check out my meditation workshops and energy healing courses!


The Secret to Happiness

July 14th, 2014



In the western world, time is front and center in our lives. If you’re like most, your calendar rules your day—the beep of the alarm sets off a series of start and end times to your activities: work, gym, meetings, dinners, classes, appointments, etc., until you’re so booked up that you almost have to check your schedule to see when you have time to eat!

The Weight of Busy-ness

It can be exhausting to feel like you never have any “free time.” Maybe you feel trapped between “pick up dry cleaning at 7 am” and “plan tomorrow’s meals before bed” and are beginning to feel like you are a robot programmed by your day planner.

If so, the weight of your busy-ness may be affecting your ability to enjoy your time, and therefore your life. Not to mention the damage this type of go-go-go living can inflict on your chakras and your energy field. Attending healing courses with an energy healer is a good way to counteract the negative results, but wouldn’t it be better to live without all that stress and chaos?

No Watch, No Problem

Not all cultures are as time-obsessed as we are, and those that aren’t, also tend to be happier. Coincidence? Hardly! People who live in places where kindness and selflessness are valued and acceptance is encouraged—where people don’t even own watches and would have no need for a calendar—experience an entirely different reality. They live each day fully in the present moment, appreciating what they have, and are consequently full of joy. shutterstock_171620483

During my years of studying with seers and holy men and women in order to become a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I was able to witness this sweeping joy in many non-western cultures. One experience that really stands out to me is my time with the Nepalese. My experience there was life-altering, and opened my eyes to the happiness that comes from letting go of time and just being present.

Heading up the Mountain

My husband and I were experienced mountain climbers when we went to Nepal, and I’d done a considerable amount of third-world traveling, but Kathmandu seemed like a different world altogether when we arrived. Brightly colored prayer flags waved in the breeze above us, car horns blared, and food stands grilled food right there on the side of the road at the airport.

From there, we hired a Sherpa (a mountain guide) and took the scariest plane ride of my life up to Lukla—with a pilot who took a big gulp of rum right before we took off and a terrifying landing in what I later learned was the airport rated the most dangerous in the world—and started our climb up the mountain.

Sleeping in Huts Full of Joy (and Yaks)

We trekked during the day for seven or eight hours at a time and at night, we’d build camp to sleep a few hours before getting up to do it all again in the morning. If we stopped near a village, which was really usually just a three-hut settlement, we would ask the locals for a place to sleep. The people were warm, welcoming, and generous, often giving us their last two eggs or the potatoes they’d dug up that very day so that we could eat.


Infectious Smiles

The huts were filled with thick black smoke from the cooking fire, and animals shared the space—yaks, goats and other creatures were treated as part of the family as their milk and wool were necessary for survival. Just as we would settle in to rest, the priest of the settlement would begin his vigil, praying and spinning a prayer wheel throughout the night. As you can guess, we didn’t sleep much, but were buoyed by the overwhelming sense of joy radiating from the people around us. I was in awe of the utter delight each person seemed to have in everything—the smiles on their faces were radiant and infectious.

Like Going Back in Time

Water is so scarce in these villages that the people do not bathe or ever wash their hands, so you can imagine the risk. Water boiled at that high an altitude is not potable, and as Eric and I ate the generous offerings of the people, we also worried we would be infected with hepatitis. We did suffer from horrible dysentery, that went with the territory, and remember, there are no bathrooms. There were also no beds or chairs to sit on, no showers or soap; it was like going back in time.

And yet, after just the first ten days in Nepal in these conditions, my sense of time expanded. I didn’t know or care what time or day it was and I suddenly felt freer than I’d ever felt. In my new state of being, I no longer worried about sanitation or comfort or lack of sleep—I was one hundred percent present in each moment as it passed. Then, I understood the joy of the Nepalese.


Fully Present and Altered

While being fully present, I was attuned to the beauty of the sunrise and sunset, the feel of the wind on my cheeks, the mountain vistas that stretched for miles, the way the clouds tumbled below our peak, the thin air in my lungs, the warmth in my blood—everything was alive and shining and I felt the same joy I saw reflected in the faces of these mountain people.

Despite the fear and discomfort during this trip, I knew even as I left that I had been blessed with profound lessons about simplicity, resilience, acceptance, surrender, and gratitude.

Less is More—Lack Turned into Gain

The Nepalese seemingly had so much less than what I was used to in terms of food, water, shelter, and modern conveniences, but they had so much more freedom, appreciation, love, and yes, happiness. Despite the perceived lack, I actually found the Nepalese way of life more satisfying than life back home, and brought much of that attitude back with me. Namaste! shutterstock_123232186

In the US I was a true Westerner—“more, better, faster” was my mantra—but when I returned from Nepal, I had elevated my consciousness to a new level of understanding about being present, and how presence leads to gratitude, which leads to happiness. With this new perspective, I was able to become an energy healer and practice energy medicine with more purpose, clarity, and joy, and pass those same gains onto my students in my energy healing courses.

Deepening Gratitude

So, if you want more happiness in your life, the answer is not to do more, but less, and to be thankful for the gifts you’ve been given. Spend a few minutes each day practicing just being—stare in awe at a beautiful sunset, sit with your eyes closed and listen to tree branches sway in the breeze, pay attention to the complex flavors of your meal, play a silly game with a friend or a child. Begin a daily routine of meditation to quiet your mind and body, and deepen your gratitude.

When you take the time to slow down, be in the moment, and appreciate what’s around you, no matter what it is, you can cultivate the joyfulness I witnessed in Nepal, and your smile, too, can become infectious.