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Is Unconditional Love Nothing But a Dream?

Where can we find unconditional love -  love that has no limits, no judgement, no parameters?  You might call this love Unconditional or Divine or Source or even God; whatever terminology makes you most comfortable - but you know it when you feel it! The Angels serve as a conduit to the love that radiates from the universe. Read about how to access divine love via the angels in my latest blog post.

Radio Show Question for September 10th Show

Have you ever felt conflicted, pulled in too many directions? Assuming you're a mortal, not an angel, how do you deal mindfully with the conflicts caused by too many tasks and not enough time? 

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If you’re like most people, you may be suppressing past painful emotions. While this coping strategy can work for a short-term, it can cause numerous problems longer-term. Suppressing emotions and letting unconscious thoughts and beliefs rule our minds limits our ability to find inner health and happiness.