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Energy Healing & Healing Courses, Spiritual Teacher Deborah King is Your Guide

Deborah King, spiritual teacher, energy healer and New York Times best-selling author, set upon a journey for alternative healing that not only would radically change her life but the lives of thousands of people in very positive ways.

Before becoming a sought-after life coach and conducting life coach training, Deborah King was a successful attorney in her 20s when a diagnosis of cancer sent her on a search for truth that would transform her life and career. Unwilling to undergo invasive surgery, she turned to alternative healing and had an amazing remission at the hands of a master healer. Along the way, she conquered the alcohol and drug addictions she had used to bury an abusive childhood. Leaving the corporate arena for the mysterious world of master healers, sages, and shamans, Deborah mastered ancient and modern alternative healing. Today, she generously shares her knowledge in online meditation courses and training workshops around the world.

The Transforming Benefits of Alternative Healing

Because external events, attitudes and perceptions can cause negative energy to permeate our lives and cause problems, Deborah teaches how to harness good energy, so you can bring more balance and personal well-being to your life. She does this through sharing powerful healing techniques and life coach training. One such technique is chakra balancing. Chakras are centers of activity that receive, assimilate and express life force energy in our spiritual bodies. Deborah’s chakra balancing therapies allow clients to:

  • Restore their balance and eliminate the physical manifestations of an illness
  • Avoid the tendencies to gloss over their feelings and let fear, anxiety and anger control their lives
  • Relinquish their ego to the knowledge of a more expansive purpose, and
  • Experience the joy that comes from knowing one’s purpose in the world

When experiencing this new-found and abundant positive energy, clients have the power to heal, transform their lives in amazing ways, and most importantly, reconnect with their true self. You too, can experience the benefits of Deborah King’s energy healing and life coach training by attending one of her healing events.

Conventional vs. Alternative Healing

Alternative healing, based on historical and cultural traditions, compensates for what is lacking in conventional medicine by realigning treatment priorities. Rather than just focusing on the physical ailment, it compassionately and lovingly addresses the whole person.

Learn how to restore your health and harmony.

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